Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toyota Toyota AE86 old But Popular

This car is very popular in the 1980s, in Japan, this car was given the nickname
Hachi-Roku, which means 8-6, is not really a nickname, only most of the people, familiar with this car with that name.

Toyota AE86 in the making which was first introduced in 1983, this car is launched with two different types the Levin and trueno model, only difference is basically the same body model
especially the lights.
in 1986, on the other version to remove the taillights of the model changes, this car is very popular among the drivers
because this car has advantages, which became legendary, although now this car has been discontinued, but remained a history for the drivers
as a lightweight and powerful sports car and also what makes these cars become legendary, because this car been in use by Keiichi Tsuchiya, who in nicknamed as the Dori-kin by the other drivers who had the meaning "king" with the Toyota AE86 Keiichi Tsuchiya popularized this sport flying even to this day, sport flying was still very popular for the drivers

many other countries are releasing this car, with a different name, such as in north America with a Corolla, and in Australia was also released with a sprinter.

Toyota AE86 old But


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